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Solid interior architecture is not just about aesthetics. A good interior design has an unimaginable impact for everyone. Together we can create an environment that will bring down employee absenteeism, enhances co-worker synergy and increases productivity. As a result, you and your team can work more efficiently in a smaller personally-designed environment. This could enable you to use your budget to locate in a higher profile location, matching your corporate identity. Distinctive interior architecture can ensure you stand out from the crowd. Flagship stores are popping up everywhere, emphasizing retail brand identity. As a result, consumers are lining up to get in. That is what we consider to be a solid return on investment.

We aim to turn restrictions into strengths. We look at a building and ask ourselves what is possible. In our vision, no property needs to be destroyed. Barriers need to be identified and then revitalizing can start from there. We incorporate sustainable methods, liaise with cradle-to-cradle business partners, recycle existing furniture and implement energy saving solutions. But first, we want to make people love the building they work in. We like to call it real estate plastic surgery. And that is why owners and entrepreneurs turn to us. We uncover the beauty of their property – and make it durable. We take aesthetic sustainability to its highest form.
Distinctive interior architecture is about finding the right balance between many elements; the existing architecture, location, goals and – especially – your corporate identity. It is about staying true to yourself and finding the hidden beauty in all of these aspects. Come and discover this for yourself. Visit us at our eclectic office where we blend Baroque with Modernism, male with female and Dutch with Italian. It is where we feel perfectly at home.