ZoetermeerDunea Architectural
Syntrus Achmea, a Dutch asset management company, asked us to merge two completely different buildings into one. Thus creating contemporary housing for the provincial water company - and future tenant – Dunea.
"We recycled everything we could."
Jaap Schoonderbeek, former Project Manager at Graziosi Progetti
We designed and implemented these wishes in three major operations. First we transformed the façade. We put up polyester panels resulting in a sleek exterior. Secondly, we placed an arcade of expanded metal in front of the edifice drawing the visitor's attention towards the new entrance. Finally, all windows were adapted to one standard size. Of course, sustainability was an important factor. We lowered the future energy costs considerably (a considerable jump from label G to A) and recycled everything we could including elevator shafts and parts of both façades. This was an extraordinary project that combined the strengths of Heembouw (the building company), Syntrus Achema, (asset manager), Local (real estate developer) and Dunea (water company).

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