Utrecht Syntrus AchmeaArchitectural
Syntrus Achmea
Architectural firm Graziosi Progetti was approached by Syntrus Achmea with the request for an attractive entrance area in a multi-tenant office in Utrecht. The goal was achieved and the office building now has a clearly visible main entrance, a bright lounge area for tenants, new meeting facilities and a nice roof terrace. The original entrance to the building was poorly visible. Therefore a new main entrance was designed.
To bring more natural light into the building, a double height is created by breaking-up the facade over two floors. The creation of this void visually connects different spaces and floors, and the flat roof is now converted into a lovely outdoor terrace. Thanks to the functional architectural interventions and the removal of the archive, an attractive and spacious reception area has been created. Private corners with loose furniture are interspersed with lounge and seating areas by Conceptual from the Elements series. This modular series offers freedom of choice in material finishings and the height of the backrests. This creates units that offer both openness and shelter for waiting and working.

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