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The Pieter Vreede square is located in the centre of the city with a lot of residences, shops an other public buildings closeby. The store of The Sting is well situated at the square with good visibility for shoppers. The interior of the store however, was very much in need of a make-over. A good opportunity for Graziosi Progetti to apply – for the first time - the new interior concept: Black & White.
The entrance façade is completely open wich improves the visibility from the square. When you enter the shop, you walk on a ‘square’ wich gives you the idea that the floor of the store is connected with the street. We took advantege of the full hight of the entrance zone and decorated the right and left walls with mirrors and visuals. The idea of the ‘square’ is reinforced by making a double entrance to the ladies area of the store and place these double doors in a façade with windows and a balustrade on the first floor. The look & feel of the ladies area is beach, Ibiza, berber carpets, light colours, straw pendant light fixtures and wooden beams on the ceiling. On the first floor is a men section decorated based on this “White Concept”

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