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The Sting Breda
The shopping center called the Baroness' in Breda has undergone a major renovation. The second layer has been removed from the walkway, so all retail units now have both the ground floor and first floor at their disposal. This created larger spaces for retailers. Naturally, Sting wanted to make the most out of their new found space, that's where we came in.
The Sting is well placed in the shopping center as its clearly visible from all entrances. Our very own Jeroen and Nina were tasked with redesigning the space on the ground floor and first floor as well as giving their expert opinions on the flooring, ceiling and wall finishes. Additionally, Graziosi Progetti designed multiple elements for the display windows and entrances to give the shopfront a more dynamic feel. Special attention was given to the round, high entrance. If you are to look up when you enter, you can see a colorful stained glass dome that is 9 meters in diameter. The design and color scheme of the dome was created in close collaboration with the Sting team. The ground floor of the shop mirrors the likings of a town square. From here the shopper can decide to remain on the first floor or take the escalator up to the first floor to continue their shopping spree.

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