RotterdamGroothandelsgebouwen N.V.Architectural
Groothandelsgebouwen N.V.
"The National Monument Groot Handelsgebouw, next to the renewed Central Station in Rotterdam, is the largest business complex in the Netherlands. It was designed by architects H.A. Maaskant and ir. W. Van Tijen and built in the 1950s, after the WWII. Since then, this architectural jewel has been an icon of the Dutch Reconstruction and provides 180 tenants with spacious and flexible office and retail space. Graziosi Progetti was asked – in cooperation with TAK Architecten – to make a plan for the redesign of entrance hall A, the main entrance of the Groot Handelsgebouw situated at the station square. The title National Monument and the huge historic value of the building makes this project a rather complex challenge. Many design aspects came together: the historical research into the original color palet, the different floors, wishes and demands of the beauty and monument committees. Within these parameters Graziosi Progetti succeeded in making a new design for entrance hall A which meets all the set requirements."
"An important modification in the plan is the routing from hall A. Graziosi Progetti has proposed to place double escalators that lead from the ground floor into the basement and double escalators in the former ABN AMRO space that go directly to the first floor where the meeting rooms are situated. The city of Rotterdam was intimately involved in the whole proces and is very positive about the respect we showed for the existing architecture in the proposed alterations. Understandable they are right on top of this, which is of course a sacred principle for us. The development of this process and the actual building of the plan will start in the near future."

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