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Fashionable living
Our client longed to reconnect with the buzz of city life, art and fashion. Moving back to the city, she found herself an absolutely stunning apartment – the only problem was that the flat had a traditional and somewhat boring interior. Enter Graziosi Progetti.
"A standard interior was definitely not an option."
Nina Graziosi, Interiorarchitect at Graziosi Progetti
A boring interior was definitely not an option for this fashionable lady's wishes. So we changed the layout, broke through walls, connected spaces and welcomed the light. As for the furnishing, we embarked on an absolute feast of colors and patterns. Wallpaper? Think again. The walls were hand painted by artists Serge Hautvas en Jo Cuyvers. The end result was a stunning, exclusive and highly personal space that fits the owner, without even the slightest hint of ‘traditional’ coming to mind.

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