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Anna van Toor MON
The new Anna van Toor store in The Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschemdam is opened. Graziosi Progetti has created a new architectural design for the shop front for this location. The arched brass steel construction welcomes shoppers into the store. The use of expanded metal gives the facade body, but without being too closed. Above the arches the Anna van Toor logo is placed on a background with relief.
Special moments have been created inside the store, which are part of the Anna van Toor retailconcept. A good example is the coffee corner. This is equipped with a nice reading table with magazines and papers, so your company can enjoy themselves while waiting for you to finish shopping. The furniture is of Dutch Design and is characteristic for all Anna van Toor stores. The expanded metal in the shoe cabinet provides a view into the fitting rooms. The store has a high industrial ceiling painted in white. By placing the lighting and wall systems at a lower height, the space maintains a pleasant atmosphere. The checkout moment decorates the room with a marble volume and Dutch Design lamps. The relief on the facade is also placed behind the cash register.

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