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Hoornwijk Monument
The Hoornwijk state monument was beautifully renovated after burning down in the 1980s. At the time, there was only sufficient money for restoring the exterior. The building was subsequently used for business purposes only. Decades later, the new owner asked us to bring the historical interior back to life.
"The restoring architect told us we were right."
Nina Graziosi, Interiorarchitect at Graziosi Progetti
While we were researching the building, we noticed something unusual: it lacked symmetry. It was as if it was missing a wing. The restoring architect told us we were right – originally there had been a wing on both sides. So the owner decided to rebuild it thus restoring the balance. We completely stripped the interior and refurbished the rooms - inspired by the architecture of the monument. We brought back the wooden paneling, built-in fireplaces and created wall coverings with Etro fabrics. Then, we added typically English wallpaper, a parquet floor with a French design and inserted little ‘mistakes’ like lacquer arm-chairs – Who says a monument can not have a sense of humor? The result? The monument successfully reclaimed its grandeur. It was even awarded with the Monument Award of the Rijswijk (ZH) city council.

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