In collaboration with Nexus Real Estate and SquareFour, Graziosi Progetti is transforming a standard office building in Hoofddorp into an outstanding office space. The symmetry, strong horizontal lines and spacious entrance refer to the Art Deco style. By emphasizing these characteristics, adding covered hallways and a huge floating logo inspired by movies from the 20’s, a connection between the main building with the others on the complex is made.
The common areas of the building are transformed to create an Art Deco feeling. Openness in the entrance is created by replacing the closed parapet with a glass balustrade. Next to that bronze prism elements are mounted to the storey floor and vertical lines are accentuated by white and black marble-look finishing. This together with lights in the ceiling, the entrance hall obtains its new luxurious appearance. Once you enter the building, the new bar is at the end of the hallway. This visual connection makes the bar the perfect spot for receiving visitors. The central bar piece is articulating the space, dividing it into a lounge area where to welcome clients, and a restaurant for informal meetings. At the same time, placing the bar at the back of the building allows to connect with the existing terrace, which will be served by this new addition. On the terrace an intimate atmosphere is created through the use of a wooden slats, plants and different seating areas.

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