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Bird & Bird Law
The International law firm Bird & Bird keeps on growing. We helped them find a larger building with a more visible profile and plenty of room to keep ahead of its ambitions.
"we turned this side of the building into cozy espresso corners on each floor."
Tamara van Spronsen, Project Manager at Graziosi Progetti
The building offers lots of space and even has more room available. The relatively low costs per square meter meant more budget for distinctive communication. The entrance of these offices consists solely of an elevator area. We decided to enhance the experience by decking out the elevator with dynamic LEDs which point visitors to the official Bird & Bird reception at the seventh floor. The side of the building is shaped like a razor sharp triangle - spelling interior design disaster. So instead of squeezing in an office, we decided to house trendy espresso corners on every floor on this side of the building. These included couches, cushions and the best view in town. At night, passers-by entering and leaving the city, admire the Bird & Bird custom-made halo’s placed on every floor.

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