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It was time for Technip's engineers to come together. We helped them relocate to a new building, redesigned it and increased transparency. And all of this on a tight budget.
"We redesigned their office, increased transparency and all at a very low cost."
Jaap Schoonderbeek, Project Manager at Graziosi Progetti
Technip managed to find a brand new, practically abandoned building thanks to the economic downturn. Everything was new, the interior, the installations and all ceilings – which considerably lowered the start-up costs. We wanted to design an open workspace. Now, technical engineers are notorious for making a mess with paper. So we introduced compact and space efficient desks without drawer units. Ah, the space! Low file cabinets with integrated lockers were installed to compensate for the missing storage. We placed these between the desks where they serve as tables for informal consultations among employees and provide space for large files, folders and future plans. Employees can retreat to the meeting room for the more formal meetings (and more paper documentation). Finally, we ordered all custom-made furniture directly from the manufacturer to cut costs even further.

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