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T-Mobile Call Centre
In office buildings, connecting spaces such as staircases and entrance halls are of the utmost importance. It is the place where people meet and energy is exchanged. These spaces were dark, dark places at T-Mobile. Here is how we turned it around – while keeping a close eye on the budget.
"It's where people meet, where the energy is exchanged."
Nina Graziosi, Interiorarchitect at Graziosi Progetti
Basically, we transformed the whole building. But in order to stay within budget, we didn’t break through any walls. Instead, the grey, concrete central stairway was painted bright white and we added LED lights incorporating the T-Mobile magenta brand color. We put up a textile roof over every workstation with soft lighting adjusting to the project at hand for more intimacy and agreeable acoustics. Outside the call centres, we decorated fun zones with T-Mobile graphics where employees can relax, call, go online or even have a cigarette. The result? A cost efficient project with satisfied clients, happy employees, and even a prestigious call centre award for T-Mobile. Hurray!

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