The former dwelling of legendary real estate entrepreneur Maup Caransa had quite a dark feel to it. We went for a strong architectural transformation.
"We transformed the dark antique atmosphere into a light, spacious contemporary design."
Nina Graziosi, Interiorarchitect at Graziosi Progetti
First, we transformed the façade with a heavy black disc. As a result, the house stood out from its background. Then we shifted the entrance from the side to the front of the villa. Now Solidiam's clients could proudly enter the building using the Apollolaan – one of the most sophisticated residential avenues in Amsterdam. We extended this experience inside the building by installing a fashionable seating area facing the Apollolaan. The dark antique atmosphere was transformed into a light, spacious contemporary design, while still maintaining the pleasant feel of the former interior. We created both a formal and an informal meeting space. Finally, to top it all off, we played a little with the background in one of the asset manager's offices. Curious? Look carefully. Does anyone see a car?

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