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Due to a recent merger and an internal urge to keep expanding Multi Corporation decided to move to Amsterdam. The new offices needed to be open as to stimulate interaction between colleagues, it was time for something other than office cubicles. We helped them create a space that improved the flow and maximized efficiency.
Seeing as it was so important that employees were able to meet and communicate, we connected the two floors with a big, airy staircase that just screamed use as a meeting spot. A little further allong we placed a deluxe UNM desk as reception desk, behind this is a multifunctional wall that not only seperates spaces of relaxtion and spaces of work, but also includes a kitchen, storage space and a space for the receptionists to mingle. The walls of the office spaces were made with as much glass a possible, with cubboards that eyed as if someone had ‘ pushed’ them into the walls. An emphasis on communication was placed in the bright and airy boardroom, that we grounded by adding details of dark oak and copper.

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