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Volker Wessels
Both the offices of VolkerWessels Vastgoed BV in Arnhem and Zoetermeer relocated to Amersfoort. They moved into a prestigious building on the outskirts of the city with their colleagues at the VolkerWessels headquarters. That meant moving in not blending in. Which is quite a challenge when all three companies are sharing the same entrance.
"That’s moving in, not blending in."
Marlies de Jong, Project Manager at Graziosi Progetti
The Amersfoort headquarters is a large, newly-built edifice boasting a stunning staircase that cuts right through the building. We took this defining feature and expanded it on every floor. This turned it into the central element that connects people on both sides of the stairs. Additionally, walls were replaced with glass, doors were left out of the offices and zones were created using low filing cabinets – all encouraging employees to leave their offices and meet each other. Water cooler conversation turned into filing cabinet chatter. What’s more, we recycled desks and saved funds. We used that to give the office one extra defining feature. Its very own, leafy green reception area. Welcoming all HQ colleagues with a proud, distinctive smile.

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