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The Sting Utrecht
The Sting had to tackle a few obstacles before opening their new shop in Vredenburg, Utrecht. First of all, the recently-built rectangular box lacked any charisma. Secondly, the local fruit and vegetable market takes place in front of their premises three times a week. This had an impact on the visibility of the store Thank goodness, we were dealing with a visionary client.
"Thank goodness, we were dealing with a visionary client."
Nina Graziosi, Interior architect at Graziosi Progetti
The shop stretches out over two large floors. First, we created zones, segmenting both floors and situating two moving staircases in the centre of the building with glass facades on both sides of the stairs. Then a snazzy white glass staircase was added upgrading a purely functional space to a dynamic catwalk. We decked out the men’s floor with concrete and grey colors, and spoilt the ladies floor with ivory, stone and wood. We custom-designed armatures, cupboards and furniture exclusively for The Sting. Finally, we transformed the front of the first floor into a LED wall, towering over the regular market and consistently showcasing brand images and videos – even in daylight. How is that for brand visibility?

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