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Nina's Apartment
Beautiful apartment. Check. Great location. Check. Moving in with two kids. Check. One bedroom. Oops.
“Now that’s what smart design can do for you!”
Nina Graziosi, Interiorarchitect at Graziosi Progetti
We can make it work for you if you value luxury and are willing to sacrifice space for smart solutions. We broke through the walls and turned the old kitchen into a nursery. Then we installed a gorgeous, stainless steel buffet by Norbert Wangen in the hallway - housing a fridge, a dishwasher, an oven and even a trashcan. Now that’s what smart design can do for you. When opportunity knocked, we added the neighbouring apartment. Eventually resulting in a luxurious 3-bedroom apartment with a boutique hotel feel and still plenty of room to live, work, play and grow up in.

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